Jim Knowlton  
Jim Knowlton - Video Editor / Underwater Camerman
Associate Producer - Post Production Supervisor
805-448-1482 / email@jimknowlton.com



Superfish: Bluefin Tuna: Co-editor and post production supervisor. National Geographic Channel, 2012.

My Father, the Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau:
Co-producer, editor. Ocean Futures Society. 2011.

Mon Pere, le Commandant: Jacques-Yves Cousteau:
Editor. Ocean Futures Society. France 3, 2011.

Ocean Adventures - Call of the Killer Whale: Co-editor and associate producer.  PBS, 2009

Ocean Adventures - Sea Ghosts: Editor and associate producer.  PBS, 2008

Technical advisor.  PBS, 2008.

Healthy Oceans PSA:
Director and editor.  City of Santa Barbara, 2007.

Storm Drain vs Sewer PSA:
Director and editor: City of Santa Barbara, 2007.

Ocean Adventures - Return to the Amazon: Post production supervisor.  PBS, 2007

Ocean Adventures - America’s Underwater Treasures:  Co-editor, assocociate producer.  PBS, 2006.

Ocean Adventures - Gray Whale Obstacle Course:  Assoc. producer, post-production supervisor.  PBS, 2005 

Ocean Adventures - Sharks at Risk: Associate producer, post-production supervisor.  PBS, 2005

Ocean Adventures - Voyage to Kure: Post-production supervisor.  PBS, 2004. 

The Gate to Freedom.  Assistant editor.  French TV, 2001

Beyond Bizarre Episode 13: The Mystery of Rock Lake. Underwater cameraman.  Discovery Channel, 2000.

Spanish Dance.
  Underwater music video.  Editor.  Classics Arts Channel, 2000.

Animal Rescue Kids: “Shark”.  Underwater camera.  Discovery Channel, 1999.

Sharks in a Desert Sea. Underwater camera and production manager.  Discovery Channel, 1999.

Sharks of the Deep Blue
.  Undewater camera, editor, production manager.  Discovery Channel, 1999.

Sharks of the Atlantic. Underwater camera, online editor, production manager. Discovery Channel, 1998.

Great White: In Search of the Giants. Online editor, production manager. Discovery Channel, 1998. 

Shark Attack Files II.  Sound effects editor.  Discovery Channel, 1997.


Diego swims with a thousand mobula rays off La Paz. Cameraman and editor. Blue Ocean Productions, 2011.

Friendship Tours Educational Adventures - Promo. Interviews,
Writer and editor. Friendship World Tours, 2011.

End Finning in US Waters. Support the Shark Conservation Act. Writer, editor, narrator. Ocean Futures, 2010.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!
Camerman and editor. Blue Ocean Productions. 2010

Hydromulch after fire on Santa Barbara Hillsides. Cameraman and editor. 2009.

Toxic Flame Retardants PSA
. Editor and cameraman. Ocean Futures Society, 2009.

Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Short video. Finish editor & underwater cameraman. Ocean Institute, 2009.

Grassroots for the Ocean.
  Writer and editor.  Heal the Ocean, 2006.

Humpback Ballet.
  Co-editor.  Ocean Futures, 2006.

Another Day at the Beach?
  Writer and editor.  Heal the Ocean, 2005.  

Sustainable Reef: A Gift to the Future.
  Editor and co-writer.  Ocean Futures, 2003.

Goleta Outfall Video.
  Writer, editor and underwater camera.  Heal the Ocean, 2002


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